Ultreia Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd


Ultreia Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd was born out of a desire to make a more meaningful contribution to our greater community through the sharing of knowledge and experience gained during nearly two decades in the financial services industry.

¡Ultreïa!” - meaning “onward!” - is an ancient word used to encourage weary and footsore pilgrims to continue moving towards their goal, and to overcome the obstacles they may face on their way. 

At the heart of ¡ultreïa! lies a spirit of Ubuntu that thrives in a community with a common goal, helping many to go further than they otherwise thought possible.  We see a parallel between this and the everyday journey to retirement, and beyond.  It is important to partner with expert, independent consultants to guide you along this journey and help you go further. 

This is our passion.